What to bring to my first class?

  • Well done! You are booked in for your first class! Now, do not worry we’ve got you covered. We have complimentary mats at the studio, so no need to organise your own unless you wish to do so.

  • We recommend to come in 10mins early, so that we can show you around and explain everything to you. That way we can also check if there are any medical conditions or just little niggles that we should be aware of (Whenever you attend a class with a new teacher, please let them know about injuries etc)

  • What to wear? Now, there is really no particular get up we expect you to wear. However, you should be able to move around easily and the clothes should be somewhat stretchy for your own comfort. Wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in! This class and experience is all about you!

  • What else to bring? We recommend to bring a small towel and a bottle of water. Don’t forget bring a big smile and a positive attitude and you will have a fantastic first class.


How do I cancel a class in Glofox?

There are two ways of cancelling a class in Glofox, one is either using the Glofox app and the second is on our website/desktop version.

Glofox app;

  • Please log into your app and select booking on the bottom row

  • Select the class you’d like to cancel

  • Select Cancel

Desktop version/TrunkStudios website:

  • Please select “Timetable” on the top row

  • Once loaded Filter/Login will pop up just above the timetable in mint green colour

  • Please select Login

  • Enter your Login Details

  • Once logged in please select “Profile” (same spot as Filter/Login)

  • Scroll down and all your booked classes will show as well as your details etc.

  • The classes will have a cancel button next to it, please select and wait for it to confirm

How do I suspend or cancel my membership?

  • All of our membership can be suspended for up to 4 weeks in a six month period. Minimum suspension is 7 days with a 7 days advanced notice. Suspension requests have to be send to info@trunkstudios.com.au

  • All memberships have a minimum term, please check that the minimum term has been served before you cancel your membership. Our cancellation period is a 4 week period. Cancellations are only accepted via email to info@trunkstudios.com.au

  • Please check our Terms&Conditions before signing up to any membership.