Trunk Studios welcomes all levels of Yoga, Pilates and Barre students, with a focus on beginners to intermediates. Our classes provide a chance to enhance your wellbeing through the dynamic practice of postures and breath work.

We are focussed on your overall well being and happiness and work with your body type, injury or any other needs that you may have. Our teachers are all experienced and focussed on building a strong community, which is why we purposely keep our class number low. Our aim is to give you the best possible chance to enhance within your own practice within a short period of time by modifying and adjusting you throughout class.


Hatha Yoga

We decided to name our classes differently to make it easy to recognise what class to attend. Our classes are taught in Hatha style unless otherwise described. In order to offer you the best possible experience it is important that you chose your class wisely as its pace vary. If you are unsure, get in touch with us and we are more than happy to help you find the right fit.

Hatha Yoga is a traditional style of yoga consisting of different âsanas (postures) which, when linked together, create sequences of movements. The aim of Hatha Yoga is to strengthen the body and to create physical and mental harmony and therefore health, energy and vitality. Our classes incorporate a unique set of concise alignment principles that are important in the practice of yoga as they provide guidelines on how to align the body, heart and mind in a way that provides both integration and safe opening so circulation is optimal and strength, good health and wellbeing are fostered. Movements and actions within every pose are coordinated with the breath. Our classes support the individual student in finding their unique strength in each pose and if necessary, poses are modified or supported with props. 

Level 1 (beginner)

Our Level 1 classes are designed for people that are new to yoga. You have just decided to take up yoga and we would love to help you to get started. Our Level1 classes are consciously capped at a maximum of 15 students to ensure that our teachers are able to explain poses and breathing techniques properly. Each class will have most commonly used poses so that you become familiar with the terms and can practice on your own. The beginner poses will be based on the classic sun salutation.


Level 2 (beginner-intermediate)

Have you ever been to an open class and thought it was too intense but at the same time you feel you are too advanced for a beginners class? Then this class if for you. You know the fundamentals but are not quite ready to tackle the more advanced skills by yourself. Our Level 2 classes are capped at a maximum of 15 students per class. This class is recommended if you already know the basic yoga poses, breathing techniques and sequences and would like to challenge yourself a bit more. In this class you will learn additional for advanced poses to deepen your practice. Our teachers will always be there to assist you to get into the right posture and align where necessary; so you continuously improve your practice.


Level 3 (intermediate-advanced)

We also offer an intermediate to advanced class for our more experienced practitioners. Here you will move faster into new poses and are already aware of your breathing. You know most yoga poses and can balance yourself well. Our Level 3 classes are still kept to a maximum of 15 students per class, so that our teachers can assist you in your practice and adjust and align you where needed. Here, teachers will offer alternative poses for advanced practitioners so you still get a benefit and continuous improvement in your practice.


Mat Pilates

Pilates was first designed by Joseph Pilates during the 1920' and includes a comprehensive set of principles and movements to improve posture, strength, flexibility and coordination. The same principle applies to pilates as it does to our yoga classes and every body is welcome and will feel challenged throughout their practice. This class will help to improve your posture and focuses on core muscle groups like abdominal, back and buttocks in corporation with breath work. Our Pilates classes are also capped to a maximum of 15 students.


Our newest edition to Trunk is barre. Barre is a fusion between pilates, yoga and ballet and a full body workout. Just as in pilates, small but high intensity movements are used to fire up small and large muscles groups. All this, paired with some fun tunes and movements from ballet/dance makes this an enjoyable experience. We are yet to meet a person that doesn’t love barre. Due to the long pulses and number of repetitions you can feel after each class that you just worked out. Like all of our classes barre is for all fitness levels and doesn’t require a certain body type or finesse, no prior dance training is required.